Smart Angels Film Fund LLC

Smart Angels Film Fund LLC (SMAFF) is a next-generation media finance company engaged in providing investment funds for motion picture production with a focus on professionally produced unique and entertaining low budget, micro budget motion pictures and documentaries. The company prioritizes investments into specific genres of motion pictures that continue to experience burgeoning growth and consumer demand.

Created for the specific purpose of the aggregation of capital for investment in the filmed entertainment, Smart Angels provides investment selection, risk analysis and management, and overall project capitalization.

Our team of creative, legal, and technology entertainment industry veterans maintain key relationships with top distribution companies, foreign sales agents, talent, craftsmen and technologists who possess a strong history of creative and commercial success in the motion picture business.

Forged with our experience in the development of venture capital opportunities, and finance, Smart Angels Film Fund is uniquely positioned to evaluate, execute, and exploit films in the growing international film market.

Our systemized project development and production process utilizes the latest technologies and distribution strategies to achieve cost savings while extending distribution opportunities to a global audience.

SMAFF's Mission

SMAFF's mission is to provide vital working capital that enables the leading entertainment companies to create content and brands that are recognized and trusted throughout the world. Smart Angels will align with carefully selected film projects to maximize long-term profits. We focus our sales, marketing, and creative efforts on prioritized properties likely to generate sustainable strong sales in order to grow, expand, and work with key strategic partners as we build our brand with consumers.